I believe the recent letter to the editor about the “NO to HATE” signs (Aug. 7) around the area bears witness to the fact of the great divide in our country —everything is viewed as one side against the other. In fact, the signs came as an act to try to bring our community together against hate — hatefulness of all kinds including violence, racism, disrespectful behavior and other unloving behaviors.

The idea for these signs grew out of a meeting of our clergy and leaders in the area who wanted to unify our community against hate to assure that nothing would happen here as it has in other areas where hate has bubbled over to violence. It was then taken to the congregations where members took the signs and placed them around their own neighborhoods.

These signs were not a statement of political belief but a statement of the power of love that can unify us as a community-a community of diverse opinions and ideas that can be shared openly without judgment and hatefulness. That’s what I would hope for our community — that love will prevail.

Janet Specht


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