This letter is in regard to the Aug. 7 letter, “About those ‘Don’t Hate-Love God’ signs.” The letter seems to be offended by signs placed by the High Country faith community earlier this spring. They are a renunciation of hate in response to the epidemic of senseless violence in our country.

The letter’s paraphrase of the signs’ words was: “Love God and love each other and say ‘no’ to hate.” What the signs actually say is: “Say NO to hate, Say YES to love, Love God, Love Your Neighbor.”

The signs originated from the faith community. The letter calls the signs a “bombardment” and “politica.” It concludes that loving God and our neighbors are somehow are “code words” for some larger, sinister agenda and then makes a wild leap to immigration and sexuality.

Thanks to the US Constitution, this letter is certainly entitled to an expression of opinions about marriage and homosexuality, as are we all. However, it doesn’t seem to have an opinion about senseless violence, which is the point of these signs.

The basis of the letter’s “argument” against the signs seems to boil down to money. The writer owns two houses here (Lucky her … many people don’t even own one!), pays taxes which support our public employees (not sure how this is relevant to her argument). The writer seems to be concerned about the economic impact of signs which implore people to Love God and their neighbors. The writer views these signs as a form of “bullying.”

While the writer doesn’t seem to be a “hater” (whatever that is), they do seem to be a little misguided. Perhaps they should talk to a pastor, priest or rabbi to help understand the meaning of the signs. I’m assuming the writer comes to us from Raleigh. the writer should be able to find many qualified clergy there that can explain these things to her.

We are all neighbors. As such we are commanded to love God and love our neighbors. I would hope that she and all visitors feel the love of her neighbors here in the High Country during her visit.

Ben Henderson


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Terry Gentry

Do you love everyone? Do you hate no one? If you can say yes then put out the sign. If you can't then putting out the sign might make you a hypocrite.

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