The COVID-19 virus is going to continue to be in existence in our country as long as people who can take one of the vaccines refuses to do so.

These people are advocating for the death of many, many people and perhaps themselves if they get one of the current COVID variants (Delta or Lambda).

Several hospitals are saying in the news and online that the majority of hospitalizations are those who have not been vaccinated. Many have said with their last breath they wished they had taken the vaccine.

The overall good of our country and the return of our country to some sense of normalcy depends on everyone pulling together for our common good. Then everyone wins.

Diana Ward


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Do you ever stop? What's it going to take for you to live up to *your own set standard* of providing peer-reviewed evidence? Because you're still just providing the same, tired, straight-up BS.

Enough already. Your behavior is an embarrassment to this entire community.

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