In 1992, I had the opportunity to to travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg with a group led by Josh McDowell to distribute copies of his powerful evangelistic book “More Than A Carpenter,” translated into Russian. After the recent fall of the Soviet Union, we found that people were eager to read the book and have conversations about the Gospel. We were told this was a window of time when we could share the Gospel, and that the window of opportunity may soon close due to political pressures in the country. Sadly, that prediction proved to be true. It was an awe-inspiring trip and I now feel honored to have been a part of it.

Sadly, there were disturbing aspects to the trip. When our group had an opportunity to purchase handmade goods from local merchants, we were told by our guide that the merchants were often forced to pay corrupt police a portion of their profits. Shocked, I asked why the merchants did not take the corrupt police to court. Our guide shrugged and explained that the courts were corrupt also.

Corruption is a serious offense, and should not be overlooked or taken lightly. When government officials use their positions of power for their own personal benefit, it is the people who will ultimately suffer. We are naive to think that such corruption could never find its way to America.

In our own country, Sen. Lamar Alexander’s position that President Donald Trump’s corrupt actions were merely inappropriate is laughable to anyone who understands the dangers of governmental corruption. In every impeachment trial prior to the Trump impeachment trial, the Senate has called witnesses. Make no mistake, it is their duty to do so, regardless of their protestations otherwise.

The fact that the Senate refuses to hear witnesses in the impeachment trial is not a cause for rejoicing, as I have heard some of my fellow Republicans proclaim. It is a cause for serious concern, because it is an indication that corruption is becoming institutionalized in our governmental processes.

Perhaps you and I will not see a time when corrupt police are not be held accountable by corrupt courts, but if corruption becomes institutionalized, will our children or grandchildren be faced with a similar societal ill?

Regardless of an increase in jobs and a good economy, is it not our responsibility to ensure that future generations are given the same freedoms and liberties that our ancestors secured for us? Surely, the answer is yes.

If the Senate finds Trump guilty of the charges before them, he must be removed from office. In 2020, conservative Republicans should be given the opportunity to vote for someone who is not corrupt.

Julianna Burgess


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Call me ishmael

I think you mean your battle for reality, In the middle. As usual the left has it backwards. It is up to the House to make a case. The Senate jeudges the case made by the House. If the House wanted more witnesses, it should have called them. Trump should have been given the opportunity to cross examine the witnesses.


I will skip to the bottom line here. No innocent person withholds evidence AND witnesses that can clear them. What is POTUS hiding?


No, Ms. Burgess, the Dem House leadership did not prove Trump withheld foreign aid to Ukraine to get them to "get dirt on the Biden's." They and their witnesses only "presumed" this and it was not fact -- Even the new Ukraine president didn't know the aid was withheld and he did not investigate the Biden's, and received the aid before the congressional deadline. The establishment Dem's and GOP hates Trump because he is not a politician and refuses to be corrupted by big donors and lobbyists. They wanted to impeach Trump before he was even elected! Don't be concerned with Trump and please help reelect him so we do not take a giant step towards communism by electing socialists like Bernie or Warren!


Donald, I wish you luck in your battle against reality.

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