The article “App State solar vehicle team debuts two-passenger car” was incredibly exciting to read (Mountain Times, June 28,, given the dedication of the students working on their car. Solar energy has immense potential in the coming years in the movement to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and it was encouraging to see the passion and persistence of the students.

Environment North Carolina and its national partner, Environment America, are working with colleges and universities across the state and country to move to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. Campuses are ideal for this transition because of their massive energy use, the research and innovation of which they are capable, and the drive of students, staff, and faculty (evident by the App students who worked tirelessly on their solar vehicle).

The building of this car indicates a desire to move away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy. Colleges and universities should follow in the car’s tire tracks and help build a better future for their students.

Audrey Davis


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In reality, solar powered and electric motor vehicles are not the most efficient nor clean sources to power our cars and trucks. Solar cannot power enough speed as weight of the vehicle increases and electric powered vehicles are not clean nor able to drive long distances in a reasonable amount of time. Batteries breath out toxic fumes and disposing spent batteries is a danger of contaminating ground, water sources, air and is very expensive to replace. Hydrogen powered vehicles have been invented, tested and the fuel is water (fresh or salt) which results in zero emissions and recycles. Why are our universities and political pressured engineers not developing advances in hydrogen powered vehicles rather than solar and electrical powered automobiles and trucks? You tell me...!

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