King Solomon and President Donald Trump: Solomon had a father who paved the way for success in his reign as king of Israel. Trump had a father who paved the way for him to have success in the business world. Solomon attained great riches during his reign. Trump has attained great riches in the business world and while serving as president. Solomon built a great palace for himself, his families and his servants in Jerusalem. Trump built a great mansion for himself, his family and his servants in Florida. Solomon built a great temple to the glory of God in Jerusalem. Trump has built great towers to the glory of himself in numerous countries.

Solomon was anointed king of Israel by succession under the authority of God administered by the priest Samuel. Trump was elected president of the United States by the voters and the electoral college.

Solomon’s reign was jeopardized by his numerous marriages to foreign women who brought the worship of their false gods into the kingdom of Israel.

Trump’s presidency has been tainted by him being charged with inappropriate sexual behavior by a number of women.

Solomon’s reign ended in a divided kingdom, primarily because he had violated laws of God which had forbidden him from marrying foreign women and from attaining excess gold and silver for himself. Trump allegedly had several affairs in which he has committed adultery and has made payments to some women to try to keep them silent. Trump has used the presidency to add to the great wealth he and his family had prior to assuming office.

In America we were divided before Donald J. Trump became president and we have become more divided since he took office. Solomon was the product of a theocracy and did have successors anointed by God. Trump was voted into office in our democratic process and has been impeached by our House of Representative for using his office for personal gain and for obstructing Congress. He was acquitted by the Senate. As voters in our democracy, we must ask for the wisdom of God as we vote in the 2020 elections.

Herbert Hash Jr.


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In I Samuel 8:10-22, God warned his people what would happen if they had a human king. God knew of human nature and how power would go to the head of a king, leading to corruption and destruction. Even though kings Saul, David, and Solomon turned to God many times, ultimately because of their sin and unchecked power, they made wrong choices resulting in horrible consequences.

After living under the tyranny of a king, our founding fathers tried to create a government that would put checks and balances on the human nature of even the best president. Right now, I don't see that system working. I have lost trust in our president and in our whole government structure.

I'll use my vote in November to try to make some change. Sadly, I have little confidence that it will make a difference. Our president has said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose the support of the people, and it seems over half our elected officials and population have not spoken up to contradict him.


Mr. Hash, take the bucket off your head and look at how much Trump has accomplished for the American people of all classes, genders, races and faiths! God forgave King Solomon for the sins he committed, and Jesus Christ can forgive Trump for his sins, when both asked for forgiveness and repented. Regardless of our votes in November this year, God's will will be done. Only God knows His will, not you and not me, or any other human. For me and my wife, our votes are going to Donald J. Trump who deserves our support and votes!

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