In medieval Boone, the aristocracy makes enough not to notice dramatic property tax increases. The rest of us who don’t have extravagant incomes such as those provided by various state, county or municipal bodies wonder how long before the tax burden increases to the point we’ll have to decide whether to eat or pay taxes. Those of us, who live mainly on social security, or other limited income, see the rate of inflation in all areas not offset by what we’re given in official inflation increases while “our” bureaucrats evidently see us as cash cows.

Every 10th car is weaving, due not to drink but cell phones as “consumers” ignore everything but their quest for distraction. This gets interesting with current traffic conditions where you can frequently see both lanes full from the Wells Fargo intersection back as far as Cracker Barrel.

Then we have occasional floods including one of biblical proportions in the recent past. It’s curious that “our” government, which through their actions created conditions for these floods by inadequate drainage systems, say and do nothing to alleviate these problems — but are big for the rec center we’ve said we don’t want, along with increased taxes to pay for it.

When you vote you tell yourself your chosen politician is such a nice person they’ll certainly be honest, moral and Christian. Then you see what they do after their “election” where public interest is abandoned for massaging special interests, such as recreational centers we’re told are necessary even when we vote against them. Flood control is ignored. Traffic congestion is evidently also ignored as “our” government acts in ways to bring in more with no discernible attention paid to solving what currently exists. But you’ll forget all of that as you text your way thorugh town.

Craig Dudley


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The reason for this 13% property tax increase is to pay for a Rec Center that only a very few county property owners will use, and only a very few county residences wanted. This is what happens when the voters elect a Democratic Party majority onto the Watauga County Commission. I would not be surprised if this $35 million Rec Center did not end up with a name on the front calling it the Billy Kennedy Rec Center! It is now estimated to cost us $35 million, but before its completed it will likely cost $50 million, like the new high school that was est. to cost us $50 million and eventually cost us very closed to double that amount! WE MUST ELECT REPUBLICANS ON TO THE COMMISSION THIS NOVEMBER!

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