As a new Boone resident, and peer-reviewed, published scientist, I was very disappointed in your recent op-ed by Walter Williams (“Scientists: Dishonest or afraid?” Nov. 24) who essentially reiterated the climate denialist, Tony Heller (a pseudonym, by the way).

How can any ethical journalist publish this nonsense and dangerous rhetoric that has been rebuked countless times? Neither man is a climate scientist. Would you go to a lawyer for a cancer diagnosis? So why publish this? Heller is a geology undergrad and electrical engineer by training. Not a published, peer review scientist. In case you don’t know, this is what responsible journalism looks like, visit

I hope you give thanks this Thanksgiving to the thousands of climate and atmospheric scientists and responsible media doing their best to alert us to the existential threat that a changing climate poses.

Frank Hubbard, Ph.D


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Well, I guess having a PhD does not mean this writer is all that smart. We all understand that climate change is real and has changed during our earths entire history! We also know that our Creator designed a system that even PhD degreed far left humans do not entirely understand. But we do know that almost 100% of climate change is caused by solar storms, wild fires, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. We also know that God wants us to be good caretakers of His created waters, ground and air, and He even provided the need for carbon which is then converted into oxygen for His animals (including humans) needs to live. He also provides consequences to all that sin and forgiveness of our sins for those that believe and have faith in Him. Since the early 1920, "Progressives" have tried to tell us that in anywhere from 6 to 15 more years our coastal cities will be under water, polar bears will die and our lungs will cease to process oxygen for our blood supply. Instead of effecting real remedies to human production of toxins in our water, air and ground, the "Progressives" want to tax us and our businesses and condemn "the other political party." The "Progressives" want us to believe electric powered vehicles, wind generators and raising taxes on the American people will fix things. They fail to tell us that electric vehicles need their batteries charged after only 100 to 250 miles by fossil fuel burning power sources and batteries breath out toxic fumes and spent batteries cannot be discarded without causing polluted ground or air. What are completely clean sources for power you may ask? How about hydrogen engines that have already been invented, tested and produced successfully? Hydrogen engines are powerful, completely clean using water for fuel and emitting water vapor (recycling) however, the "Progressives" cannot figure how they can redistribute wealth or put more of taxpayer money into their own pockets from the consumers use of efficient and low cost of hydrogen engines! In addition, nuclear power is much more clean and efficient that solar and wind generators -- again this does not tax us more of are hard earned incomes!

Now if you say that you are a believer in our God Almighty and worship Him more than HIs creation, that's a good thing -- if you feel HIs creation is more important than God Creator of all, then that is idolatry which is not a good thing (sin).

I'll end by asking this question, why do PhD "Progressives" and their media admirers always tell us that 97% of scientists say that most pollution to our Lords creation are caused by humans? If this is a scientific fact, 100% of scientists should say this, right?

Your comment reveals a great level if ignorance and inconsistency. If you don't think a and an education (a PhD) matters, then just visit your local pastor instead of an MD when your appendix ruptures. You say we don't understand things, but then immediately say that we know 100% something. You incorrectly think 100% consensus is needed for a fact, which of course is ridiculous. Climate change has much more of a consensus than the "facts" you state in your comment!! You say that the Creator wants us to be good caretakers, but suggest we should not use our minds (that the Creator expects us to use) to learn how to best do it. You are not informed and make no sense, and your statements are factually incorrect or misleading. Yes, the climate has changed over history, but the rate of change is unprecedented. BTW, coal, gas and nuclear received tremendous subsidies from governments taxing people, so you again are spouting off nonsense. Our current president has imposed a huge tax on people with trade tariffs (which are taxes) to protect and subsidize the coal and gas industry.

It's easy to deny reality when you are not limited to being rational and consistent in your thoughts. You clearly have no education or expertise on the subject, so it is a special kind of arrogance to think that you know more than people that have 20 yrs studying and 20 more investigating the subject. You clearly are interested in the subject, so I'd suggest that you put in the time to become educated and informed about it. Use the brain that the Creator provided you. For now, you are simply a partisan that spreads misinformation and cherry picks arguments.

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