I just received in my mail the latest campaign poster from the NC Republican Party and I must say how appalled and downright outraged I am at how low a political party can go.

The flyer in question accuses Ray Russell, a highly respected Appalachian State Professor and local businessman of “leaving students vulnerable to violence” paired with headlines about child massacres. This is false and misleading accusation comes with a tiny footnote that can not be verified online.

Accusing a longstanding university professor to be against school safety is beyond belief in its hypocrisy coming from a party that refuses to even consider limiting automatic rifles and whose candidates profit from NRA campaign funding.

Although this attack ad is not surprising given the tribal extremist hate and lack of civility in the current Republican party, the thing that is beyond the pale for me are the outrageous headlines in that flyer screaming "Child Massacre," "Children Slaughtered" and Sandy Hook paired with an unflattering portrait of Russell. This  cannot be the new normal. Demonizing your opponent to win at all costs cannot be the modus operandi of how we elect our representatives.

I would ask the Republican candidate, Jonathan Jordan (ostensibly my “representative” although he has never returned my calls and emails) where he stands on sensible gun control and how much money he gets from the NRA. To paraphrase history I would also ask, Have you no shame, sir?

But, I think everyone knows the answer to that.

Ed Midgett


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Yes, it is truly sad just how low both sides go, and quite frankly it's the Democrat side that is lowest from their actions. But what is forgotten is the Love of God and His commandments! This is the single factor in all evil that we see all around us. Read each commandment with careful thought and then see if there is any room for evil if all obeyed them. But you know what? Not many will have that. If people had the Love they should, then there would not be violence of any kind, you would do your neighbor no harm of any kind. I am no so called "bible thumber" but I do know God!

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