After reading the “Locals, Representatives React to Trump’s Acquittal” article in the Feb. 6 Watauga Democrat, I wanted to respond.

First, the Democratic Party is the only political party that colluded with Russia to benefit their nominee, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 campaign. The Steele Dossier, which cost millions of DNC dollars, remains unverified. Our president was found to be innocent of colluding with Russia as determined by the Mueller investigation, costing taxpayers over $40 million!

And once again, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives “presumed” Trump to be guilty of actions regarding the Ukraine foreign policy, including bribery, quid pro quo and withholding foreign aid. These charges were debunked by releasing the July 25 phone conversation transcript between our president and the new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski. The transcript established there was no bribery, extortion, quid pro quo or pressure to investigate corruption by the Biden’s and Barisma before the aid was released. Those on the call, and specifically the president of Ukraine, verified there was no pressure exerted by our president. After all this, the Democratic witnesses continued to “presume” Trump’s guilt from second to third hand information. The aid to Ukraine was released before the Congressional deadline and Ukraine was not required to investigate any corruption first.

Two articles of Impeachment for (Article I) Abuse of Power and (Article II) Obstruction of Congress followed, which were delivered to the U.S. Senate four weeks later.

While all this sham of an impeachment was going on, Trump, his staff and many of our U.S, Congress members were continuing to make better trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada, fighting and killing Middle Eastern terrorist leaders, encouraging American business growth to hire more employees and sealing our borders from drug, sex and human illegal trafficking over our southern border and waterways.

Our 401K’s and IRA’s continue to grow along with the stock market, unemployment figures for all Americans and legal Immigrants continues to go down, employment and wages continue to increase, more employed get their own healthcare plans from employers, more reforms are releasing unjustly incarcerated citizens and people are feeling very good about their lives and families today.

We don’t have to just read about good statistics. Just look around while traveling in our beautiful mountains, cities and towns. Construction is visible on our roads, new buildings and renovation of existing buildings are all around us. People are working and many businesses are hiring.

We can positively feel good about the Trump economy. We must encourage our young people to complete their education, and if not college, encourage them to find a trade while attending a community college, or go into our military to learn a technical trade and think of their exciting future while serving our country for a few years before continuing their education.

It’s important to continue this economy and the respect we now have from our Allies. We must reject the negative indoctrination around us today which is coming from the mainstream media and establishment politicians!

Thank you, Donald Trump for being a president who stands strong in the face of vicious attacks. Thank you, Mr. President, for putting the interest of the American taxpayer first. You deserve the respect of all Americans: Republican, Democrat and Independent.

Donald Bolster

Sugar Grove

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I hope the writer is happy living in his fairy tale. Unfortunately, the story will not have a happy ending as the evil wizard he is defending will eventually be held to account for the fraud he is, hopefully before the damage is irreversible.

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