I am 91 years old. As far as I know, I am the oldest of the residents of Valle Crucis who were actually born in Valle Crucis and have lived in Valle Crucis their entire life. I have read all 80 comments written by the signers of the petition to prevent moving the Valle Crucis Elementary School to the Hodges property, and I found only seven out of the 80 commenters who listed their zip codes as being in Valle Crucis.

Many commenters mentioned the Valle Crucis Historic District. I was involved in the establishment of that district. I fail to see how moving the school a quarter of a mile would affect the character of the community.

There is only one business that might be affected by building the new school in the proposed location — The Mast Farm Inn.

These comments were not written by Valle Crucis residents. I fully support building the new school on the Hodges land.

Mary Mast

Valle Crucis

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