That this midterm election cycle has been contentious is an understatement. Reaching near to the interest of a general election — Watauga saw 1,700 early voters on the first day such ballots could be cast — voices from all sides of the political aisles are reaching out through social media, advertising, door-to-door campaigns, the coffee shop and letters to the editor.

At the Watauga Democrat, we value such a spirited interplay among our community, and we’re happy to do our part. That’s especially so on our editorial pages where your letters serve to express passion, disappointment, hope and dreams for the election, our county and our country.

But it’s important to note that in the interest of fair play to all candidates and to allow a period during which voters can step back and assess for themselves which lever to pull, the Watauga Democrat will not run any political letters to the editor during the final week before the election.

What that means is a moratorium on such letters between Oct. 29 and Nov. 6 in both print and online.

What that also means is that should you want to submit such a letter to run before that, we’ll need it in short order: To make our print deadline, the last day we will accept such letters for publication is Oct. 25.

As always, submit your letter to Editor, Watauga Democrat, 474 Industrial Park Drive, Boone, NC, 28607, or email Remember to include both your name and the town from which you are writing for publication, and your telephone number, which is not for publication but to verify your letter. Also as always, because your personal voice is important to us, remember that we don’t publish third-party or open letters. For consideration, submit your letter directly to the editor.

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