On Wednesday, June 26, a fire seriously damaged a local Blowing Rock business of a beloved shop owner. Citizens, town officials and the community stood in deep concern as Blowing Rock firefighters diligently worked to stop the blaze. Many were distressed, heartbroken and in tears for the beloved owner and her staff, but these thoughts are not about people, but community.

It is about the “specialness” of small town USA — the epitome of “specialness.” Without anyone asking or organizing, the community stepped up, beginning a major cleanup of first the outside, and as the fire cooled, then the inside. This went on for the next two days until the work was completed, many wearing facemasks because of the smoke and remaining fumes.

The community also stepped up with financial assistance without anyone asking. No one was looking for praise or a “thank you,” just community/folks stepping up to be there for each other.

With so much divisiveness in our country currently, what a joy to see community with love, care, compassion and concern for each other. This is what our country is about! Thank you, community, for an abundance of “specialness” in small town USA!

Jay Vincent

Blowing Rock

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