If there is one group of Americans who can rise above the current fray of our divided and partisan country it is the members of our nation’s military.

They always have. And why? Because those who serve in our military forces have a single mission: the protection, the defense of all of us regardless of our political views or societal temperaments.

And so today, Veterans Day, we honor and thank those who served so single-mindedly that they were willing to live and die for our nation and the freedoms we enjoy today.

Those who served, and those who continue to serve, came from all arenas of our country. Race, creed, sex, orientation, bank accounts or zip codes were not their unifiers. They united, and unite today, in the defense of the United States.

That union does not come without risks or sacrifices. Facing an enemy requires courage — even as another type of courage is needed to look at a young child in the face and explain that mommy or daddy has to leave again.

That child, that spouse, must draw on a form of courage also. This is what we ask of our service members and they, 100 percent of them, respond with a call to action.

Our nation has been built, and continues to be so, on the efforts and sacrifices of those who defend our values, our freedoms, our future.

In today’s newspaper you will find pages of those who made those efforts, those sacrifices, and if we as a nation can agree on nothing else on this day, let us agree on this: Our veterans deserve our thank you, our thoughts and our prayers.

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I mean, personally, I think our vets might be better served by guaranteed access to quality free healthcare, free mental health care, affordable housing, free job training for those need/desire it, etc.

Thanks and prayers are great and all, but they do absolutely *nothing* to bring back the lives of those lost to suicide as a result of the fact that we do next to nothing to actually help out vets once they return. Prayers do *nothing* help to those sleeping on the streets due to mental and physical handicaps. We just repeat the same old hollow "Gee thanks so much for your service! God Bless You!" because it makes us feel better.

We can (and should) strive to do far more than just spout off tired old cliches about vets in a sad, vain attempt to virtue signal.

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