These are uncertain times. So often we have heard this said, and especially now, to the point that it borders on cliche.

But cliches are founded on original truths, and although that originality loses emphasis through overuse, this one is no less true today than it has ever been.

Today, we are uncertain about so much.

We are uncertain if we should leave our homes.

We are uncertain if we should return to work.

We are uncertain how we can provide for our families if we do not.

We are uncertain if there will be work to return to.

We are uncertain if we should wear a mask.

We are uncertain for how long we should practice social distancing.

We are uncertain if we should meet for worship.

We are uncertain about these things, and so much more.

But as we must all deal privately with our uncertainties, it is important to remember that every one around us is also dealing with theirs.

A wise person once noted that anyone can have a bad day, and since we might not know who that person is, the best course is to be kind to everyone, everyday.

We can apply that further, and should.

Not only be kind, but don’t judge. Treat your individual situation as is best for you. If you are medically vulnerable, do what you must to stay safe — but don’t decry those who must proceed with work, with worship and with obligations that can’t be mitigated by social distancing.

If you must work and interact with others, don’t negate or belittle those who are at risk or medically compromised. Their uncertainties are just as valid as yours.

Treat others as you would treat your parent, your spouse, your child, your sibling — the people you love.

But more, treat others as you would want them to treat your parent, your spouse, your child, your sibling — the people you love.

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