For the third or fourth storm — or is it the fifth or sixth or … ; much depends upon your own particular elevation and location in the county — since the active 2018 hurricane season melted into winter, a shout-out is again due to the men and women who seemingly ignore the worst of Mother Nature to restore power for those of us subjected to the cold and dark during outages that can last from minutes to days.

Last weekend’s countywide icing brought down trees and power lines and snapped the grid for thousands. Yet remarkably — and seemingly magically — most of us were again sitting in furnace-fueled luxury heating within hours.

About the magic we only half-jest. While it can appear so to those on the receiving end who never witness a repair in person, there is surely nothing magical in what workers, from those on the scene to those coordinating the effort, must do to make electricity. Their outcome of full power restoration is bought through education, experience and raw, mountain determination.

More, and most importantly, it’s a result of an attitude that says, “Not on my watch is one family going without power before I go home.”

During the most brutal of storms — of which we’ve had an abundance this season — we can only begin to imagine the working conditions of these repair people. Surely, their reality surpasses even our most fertile conjecture.

So yet again, thank you. Each of you do a remarkable job weathering the storms so that we don’t have to.

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