After the past year, we’re all hungry for change. But some of us are more hungry than others — and these people face insecurities most of us don’t have to think about on a daily basis. At least for right now.

Unemployment, underemployment or simply facing critical shortages at the grocery story have been harsh lessons that many of us in the High Country have had to learn during the pandemic. Buying food versus buying medicines versus buying gasoline versus buying electricity versus buying shelter — and so on — have been choices thrust upon us as the result of a global pandemic. Through no fault of our own.

But some of our neighbors, friends and relatives are still undergoing these lessons — through no fault of their own. Yes, the world is opening back up, and we can even roam about maskless in increasingly situations, but the world is not the same for everyone.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC has recently organized the public phase of its $10 million Hunger for Change Capital Campaign. Yes, 10 million dollars … the need is that great — and has been for the nearly 40 years the nonprofit has been in existence.

Other local and regional nonprofit agencies — Hospitality House and Hunger & Health Coalition are but two that quickly come to mind — are voicing similar needs, as are local churches and other charities.

The heart of the High Country has always been in doing what we individually can to help one another in a time of need. That time is still upon us. Find the local effort that makes most sense to you and give what you can.

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Maybe y'all ought to take a look at the garbage that you print in this paper on a weekly basis. This situation is NOT just due to COVID. COVID merely exacerbated structural issues which have been at play in the US since Reagan and his disastrous (and 100%-proven BS) "trickle-down" economics. Meanwhile, y'all celebrate and give platforms to hacks like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and John Hood, whose economic philosophies/policies are *precisely* what has led to so many of the economic woes and inequality in the US today. It does not have to be this way, and in most other advanced economies it's NOT this way.

I fact it pretty gross that y'all are gonna simultaneously highlight the inequalities and hardships presently facing so many folks in our community, yet you then turn right around and push on your readers a wholly right-wing agenda, which again, *is exactly what has gotten us into this mess.*

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