Those of a certain generation can likely remember when our nation’s education system first began an outright thrust toward an emphasis on math and science in the classroom. The United States, it was feared, was in danger of not only not leading, but falling behind the rest of the world in these pursuits.

How refreshing it is today, then, to note that not only do we still see that same push in our classrooms, but that locally we have teachers of excellence leading our students to careers in science, mathematics and technology.

We know this to be true because we have the evidence in Valle Crucis first-grade teacher Katie Matthews.

Matthews is named a North Carolina finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and was one of five finalists recently honored at a state board of education meeting.

Valle Crucis Principal Preston Clarke cited Matthews as the type of teacher every school deserves, and indeed she is.

As Matthews continues her journey toward the final selection process, we wish her the best of luck and success — not only that she achieves this special recognition, but for what she has already achieved in making math and science relevant and exciting for generations to come.

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