We do not often comment on these pages on a letter we receive for publication; we typically choose to let the opinions of the writer become part of public discourse without our commentary.

The letter you will read below this editorial breaks with this tradition because it is important to note that this honorably written viewpoint was received by us nearly a week ago — almost a week before a 19-year-old suspect was arrested for killing a woman and wounding three people during Passover services at the Chabad of Poway in California.

Indeed, Rabbi Stephen Roberts of the Temple of the High Country penned this letter, this call to replace acts of hate with acts of love, in the wake of tragic actions in the Christian community on Easter Sunday. At that time, he could not have known that his faith’s own holy days would be so similarly and tragically wounded less than one week later.

Rabbi Roberts’ letter offers us words of hope and action as we contemplate our future. In this letter are many jewels of wisdom, as you will read for yourself, but one that stands out is this: “Your pain is also our pain.”

These prescient words resound even louder this week as once again we stand together. For the sake of our community, our nation, we should heed this quiet call to action.

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