It can be easy come the New Year to lose sight of a charity drive that began near Thanksgiving, but there’s one event yet ongoing that is too important to forget.

The Boone Police Department began hosting its sixth annual Holiday Food and Funds Drive on Nov. 26 — but it doesn’t end until Jan. 7.

That means that not only is there still time to donate to this annual fundraiser, but its goal is so vital to our community that it’s critical that our full support is given to this effort.

The BPD event directly benefits Hunger and Health Coalition, a nonprofit agency that supports Watauga County families struggling to feed their families or obtain necessary medications. The coalition is also active in our schools via its backpack program and serves other community needs through efforts such as its Fresh Market Program or Food Recovery Program.

In total, the services rendered are an invaluable local effort and the needs it fills are incalculable.

What is not incalculable is the cost of maintaining such a vast effort, and that’s where drives such as the one now ongoing by BPD are so important. And this year, that drive is increased by an anonymous donor from our community who has arranged to match monetary donations dollar for dollar.

You can find out more about Hunger and Health Coalition by visiting, and that’s actually a good place to start.

Once you’ve made your way there, the services provided will become immediate and real.

And from there, it’s an easy decision to drop off donations at the BPD lobby on U.S. 321 or make a financial commitment on the coalition’s website.

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