With a news cycle that changes not by the day — Can’t many of us recall the 6 p.m. news, updated at 11 p.m. before stations signed off for the night? — or the hour but by the second, factual, relevant information is more important than ever. The current COVID-19 health crisis is teaching us this in myriad and continuous ways.

Newspapers, and especially local newspapers such as your Watauga Democrat, are working hard to offer continual coverage of the fast-changing landscape of a global virus that is challenging the way we live our lives in minute and monumental ways.

Always, but especially now, the local news you need is vital to helping you and your family make confident and competent decisions about the issues facing your health and our community. Because of this, your local group of High Country newspapers under the Mountain Times Publications umbrella — the Watauga Democrat, The Blowing Rocket, The Avery Journal-Times, the Ashe Post & Times and Mountain Times — is making its coverage of the crisis free and fully accessible on its digital platforms.

We are not alone in offering our services for the good of the community — many of our business partners, partners that, like newspapers can be considered essential services, are doing what they can to help us all through this time.

Some of our internet providers, for example, are offering free broadband in their service areas for families with students who don’t currently have such internet capabilities. Food banks, meal services and even some law enforcement agencies are making free deliveries when needed. The list goes on and is extensive for one reason: We’re all in this together.

And together is how we get through this: Check in frequently with your team at www.wataugademocrat.com for the trusted news you need.

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