The world has changed, and although much of this change is temporary and life will resume our prior normalcy post-pandemic, there are few normalizing behaviors we can still practice today. In the spirit of today’s Easter celebration and beyond:

Take a break: With Watauga County Schools scheduling spring break this week beginning on Monday, remote learning is also on hiatus. This week is the perfect time to take a break with your own family bubble. Given the dramatic changes in attending classes during the past month, your family — and our teachers and bus drivers who are working overtime to deliver both lessons and meals — deserve a break. We are in a season of social distancing right now, but spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming.

Thank a hero: From those who work on the front lines of our health-care system to those who stock our stores’ shelves, there are essential workers on the job every day. By post, tweet or a friendly wave, take every opportunity to let them know how thankful we are for their services.

Be nice: That our superintendent of schools felt compelled to tweet against the backlash of negativity during a time when our teachers and staff are working overtime (see above) is telling. This is not the time to thrash those who are trying to keep our world from falling apart. Be kind: Everybody is going through a hard time, every day.

Give help if you can; get help if you need: About those hard times? They’re not the same for everyone, and only you know what your family needs. Reach out if you need assistance; give back to the communal pot if you are able.

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