Experience and education will serve you far — and as for those credentials, Boone’s new chief of police, Andy Le Beau, has both in abundance — but the key to leadership is not so black and white. Today’s dynamic society calls for policing that interacts, and not simply reacts, with community issues, problems and concerns.

Le Beau’s interactions with the Boone community while rising through the Boone Police Department ranks since 2002 indicate he is the right choice for our town at this time.

As for experience, Le Beau as an officer has traveled and served widely — Daytona, Charlotte, Hickory, Kosovo — and even with extensive experience, joined the Boone force as an officer willing to work his way to and through senior ranks.

His education similarly brings an extensive resume, both local and national, to our community. Le Beau earned his bachelor’s degree from Lees-McRae, but is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy and in another learning position relevant to the High Country, served as past president of the North Carolina Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.

Yet it is his service beyond the service that is most predicative of the community relations needed to police a town in 2020.

There is no more ardent supporter of Special Olympics North Carolina then Le Beau, and service to other nonprofit organizations — Hunger & Health Coalition, Rotary — have also been integrated into his community DNA.

And his ability to work most recently with diverse groups and organizations has certainly been a telling test of how he will lead our department.

Le Beau has earned the respect of his peers, his colleagues and the community. We look forward to his direction, insights and leadership as Boone’s police force moves forward to meet today’s challenges.

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