Finally, it seems, local Republicans and Democrats are finding common ground. On both fronts, their campaign signs are being stolen from front yards and other private and public places in numbers, party officials say, that are surpassing these immature actions from previous election cycles.

What this says about our nation’s deep ideological divisions is one thing, but what it says about the High Country is another. Really, people, we are better than this.

We all know that tramping onto someone’s land and removing or vandalizing private property — property placed there voluntarily and paid for with donations or private funds — is a criminal offense. And as if our public officials and law enforcement officers don’t have enough to do during a pandemic, this is how we want them spending their time?

But beyond that, doesn’t the whole thing feel a bit like kindergarten: You don’t agree with your neighbor’s politics so that justifies trespassing and trashing their stuff?

Again, we’re better than this.

Granted, in the grand scheme of national political elections swiping a sign might be akin to nipping at the idea of free expression, but here in the mountains we’re well acquainted with how nips erode even our highest peaks over time.

And speaking of time, perhaps now is when we need to most remember our kindergarten lessons. Play fair, respect your neighbor and don’t take things that aren’t yours.

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My Trump/Pense sign has been removed by an apparent child like Democrat twice in the past two weeks! As if that makes a difference and someone will not vote for Trump/Pense after removing my signs!


Omfg, y'all conservatives are so sad. Another deleted comment because you got offended that I called you out on misspelling the names of the very candidate you promote *TWICE*. (*Pence, not Pense, ffs.)

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