How often do we offer a sentiment to someone without truly thinking about it?

Don’t we all sometimes toss out a “how are you” as a greeting rather than a heartfelt inquiry?

Or, thoughts and prayers — these are truly important and thoughtful statements said to someone in crisis … if we are honestly thinking and praying for the individual.

Military service requires an abundance and variety of sacrifices. Families are separated, careers may be interrupted, financial stresses often arise, medical issues can persist long after service is rendered and, of course, in a time of war there are always the shadows of harm and danger which can lead to the ultimate and severing sacrifice.

Such things are important to think about as we consider the gravity of Nov. 11, Veterans Day.

Of course, we mean well when we give a “thank you for your service” to a man or woman who has served and sacrificed for our nation. And, if we’ve thought about those sacrifices and services, there is no more thoughtful sentiment we can offer.

In today’s newspaper you’ll find pages and pages of photos of veterans who have served their county, community and country.

They deserve our thanks.

And, our thoughts.

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