As a subscriber to your newspaper I should not have been surprised to see the article by John Hood, (“Defunding the police is absurd,” June 21) as your newspaper is consistently skewed towards conservative points of view.

However, to print a letter from such a hateful person goes beyond conservatism. The hate is palpable. Dehumanizing people that he considers undesirable or “lesser than” is the kind of hateful rhetoric that undergirds the systemic racism in this country.

He can cloak his hate by citing all of the studies and statistics he wants to, in an attempt to make himself sound like an authority who knows better than we do — but he doesn’t. He is a political demagogue spouting hateful messages and misinformation to achieve a political end. To state that the primary purpose of police forces is to “use physical force to protect lives” is a poignant reason why they should be defunded. The primary purpose of police forces is to protect and serve without the use of deadly force. Its purpose is to conserve life and maintain its quality.

Furthermore, the correct definition of defunding is to reduce funding and use it for social programs or, in necessary cases, to dismantle and rebuild corrupt or racist police forces — exactly what is needed, specifically in larger urban areas. Defunding does not mean all police operations, especially where it may not be necessary or practical. Then there is your insensitivity to the current state of affairs vis a vis the murder of black men by white policemen which you display by printing this letter — it’s unconscionable. So why would you print such a hateful letter with such misinformation?

Why don’t you print a letter with honest, thoughtful, well-reasoned points which offers a reasoned discussion of the pros and cons of defunding instead of the dismissive, hateful tripe you just printed?

Mark Fanatico


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Absolutely wrong and from another liberal reader! The purpose of our police is to enforce our laws and to protect citizens from criminals and criminal acts. Deadly force is acceptable to protect us and themselves from criminals deadly acts. Also, our nations legislative state and federal branches have passed various laws against racial acts from citizens and law enforcement officials, so how could we have systematic racism in our country? For the acts of a very few rouge officers, we should not condemn our police departments! Passing laws to make violations of our laws by police officers is a good thing, and we should support them financially and praise their continued jobs to keep us safe from criminals and criminal activities. The present protests from BLM and Antifa go way beyond the illegal acts of force by our police -- its really a far left liberal agenda to defeat the America that made the USA the best country and largest middle class of any nation in world history! Ask yourself this question, if America is so bad, why do so many foreign peoples want to come here and no one is trying to leave? Maybe all the BLM and Antifa protesters and terrorists should leave and live in other countries!


I gotta give you props for committing to the act for this long. Your trolls are among the best on here. The perfect line between just sincere enough that it appears that maybe you actually hold these beliefs, but simultaneously so utterly stereotypical and satirical, that there's no way you could actually to be stupid enough believe the ridiculous things that you post...

Keep up the great work, Donny!


I agree with you absolutely. Thanks for the Letter to the Editor. A necessary response to that op-ed.

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