Horse rescue

Responders worked for roughly three hours on Thursday, Oct. 21, to rescue a horse that was stuck in a drained pond in Zionville.

ZIONVILLE — A horse was saved after getting stuck in a drained pond in Zionville for hours on Thursday, Oct. 21.

According to Watauga County Emergency Services, the Zionville Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to 1791 Silverstone Road at 6:30 p.m. for animal rescue. Watauga County Fire Marshal Shane Garland said a pond on the property had been drained and a horse had wandered in.

“The horse got over there and just sunk,” Garland said. “You couldn’t even see the horse’s legs.”

Garland said that any attempts to dig the horse out were going nowhere, leading to Hampton’s Wrecker Service using one of their vehicles to help.

“Hampton’s ended up coming with their large rotator wrecker and was able to get some large straps around (the horse) to get it out of there,” Garland said, adding that it took around three hours to finally get the horse free.

According to Garland, there was a veterinarian at the scene to monitor the horse.

“Once we got it out, it was able to walk to the barn under its own power and it sounded like it was okay,” Garland said.

As to why a fire department and towing service were called out for an animal, Garland noted Watauga County does not have a specialized service for rescuing animals.

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Thank you Hampton folks and Watauga rescue. Beautiful ending because of very nice people.

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