No Hate at App State

Appalachian State opened the 2016-17 school year with a message of ‘No hate at App State.’

BOONE — Appalachian State University leaders on Tuesday confirmed that a white supremacist banner was posted on the sky bridge over Rivers Street Monday evening before being taken down 20 minutes later.

At approximately 8 p.m. Monday, two white men allegedly posted a banner reading, “A New Dawn is Breaking, Rise and Get Active, Identity Evropa” on the bridge, according to a message to campus from Chancellor Sheri N. Everts on Tuesday.

Within 20 minutes, two other white men were seen removing the banner, Everts said. “University Police are monitoring the situation closely and have found no connections with recognized student organizations thus far,” she said. University officials confirmed the presence of the individuals via footage from surveillance cameras at the Rivers Street parking deck.

“Consistent with their actions across the United States, we believe posting this banner illustrated an intent to recruit members to Identity Evropa,” Everts’ statement indicated.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States, Identity Evropa was founded in March 2016 by Cal State-Stanislaus student Nathan Damigo, an ex-Marine who served five years in prison after robbing an Arab cab driver at gunpoint.

According to media reports, Damigo is said to have been among the key organizers of the Unite the Right rally that turned violent in Charlottesville, Va., earlier this month, and, according to the SPLC, he was previously involved with the now-defunct National Youth Front, a white supremacist group that posted fliers on the ASU campus in 2015.

Everts’ message provided links to safety and support resources for the university community and outlined steps that university leaders and faculty and staff can take to address issues of safety.

“It cannot be said too many times: we will not tolerate violence, discrimination, injustice and racism on Appalachian’s campus,” Everts said. “As many of us have seen in traditional media and in social media, college campuses are an attractive venue for provocative displays of speech.

“Like us, our colleagues across the country are struggling with this reality,” Everts continued. “As your administration works with students, faculty, staff and national organizations, including the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, we are keenly aware of the violence and hatred that has played out in cities and on college campuses across the country.”

Everts said the university is monitoring groups with a history of violence and their activity on or near campus; working with faculty, staff and student groups to explore challenging issues; helping students build resiliency; getting involved with the campus community; maintaining compassion; and staying focused on the campus while paying attention to what’s happening across the country.

“Defining the line between free speech and inciting violence is a daily occurrence, playing out across our nation. We are actively engaging in this work,” Everts said.

On Tuesday evening, a “response meeting” was organized by the ASU Student Government Association and hosted students and community members.

The Watauga branch of the NAACP issued a statement following the meeting, which at least one Watauga NAACP member attended.

“Make no mistake, this was an act of hate,” it said. ‘The banner was intended to intimidate and incite fear among the African-American, Jewish, LGBTQ, minority and immigrant student populations at the beginning of the school year.”

Watauga NAACP President Todd Carter said he had hoped for stronger language from the chancellor.

“Call it what it is; hate speech. Those speaking it are white supremacists belonging to neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups. Semantics are crucial here. Boldly state that Appalachian State denounces white supremacy and intimidation through hate speech,” Carter said in a statement. “One statement belongs in a policy manual. The other statement tells Nazi hate groups that they are not welcome here. Which statement will make students feel like the university has their back?”

The Watauga NAACP said it planned to work with the SGA and ASU administration and that it would “not back down from this face of hate.” Anyone in need of support was encouraged to contact Watauga NAACP at

In response to the Watauga NAACP statement, Megan Hayes, spokesperson for the chancellor’s office on Thursday said, “We are concerned that increased publicity fuels interest in this and similar groups, which in turn, heightens our concern about the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

With fall classes beginning at Watauga County Schools on Monday and at ASU on Tuesday, leaders of both educational institutions opened the school year with strong statements of acceptance and inclusion in the wake of the recent events in Charlottesville.

Everts released a statement on Friday, Aug. 18 — freshman move-in day — titled “No hate at App State.”

“While no single message or interaction can suffice as a response, I affirm that there is no place for hate on our campus,” she said. “Members of our Appalachian community will stand together against violence, discrimination, injustice and racism of any stripe. And, through discussion and discourse, argument and exchange, our campus community can find common ground for addressing difficult social and intellectual issues.”

Likewise, at an Aug. 15 convocation of teachers and staff, Watauga County Schools Superintendent Scott Elliott said the school system would dedicate itself to serving all students “regardless of the color of their skin, the education level of their parents or the language they speak at home.”

“They are all children, they are all welcome here, and we will be the best place for them to learn because we will not tolerate hate, harassment or discrimination,” Elliott said. “They will not be rich or poor, black, white or brown. They will be loved and they will know it by how we treat them, and also how we treat one another.”

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(10) comments


My, my, my . . .

I see CENSORSHIP is alive and well at my (((local))) newspaper.

- bb9

craig dudley

these days we have politically correct which is the mirror image of stereotyping but from the opposite angle. in both cases the target is said to be like all of the others. if we still had free speech that was fully protected there would be conversation where each 'side' attempted to understand the concerns of the other. what we have in what remains of this country is a herd mentality no different than in grade school in which the loudest voices choose what's said to be true and any who disagree can either 'go along to get along' as many germans did in the thirties, or suffer the attacks that are sure to come for not joining in the mob. the mob in this land has become a brainless organism that will consume all that it encounters unless it is educated or stopped somehow.


What should concern, embarrass, frighten, etc. people is that a university and "educated" people ask so few questions. I am waiting for a "concerned" citizen to explain why Identity Europa is "supremacist" while the rhetoric "Black Lives Matter" and "La Raza" is welcomed on campuses.

Here is a very brief collection of quotes from eminent people which apparently are acceptable. Perhaps one of our "concerned" readers can explain the breathtaking double standard to this simple soul:

Susan Sontag,"the white race is the cancer of human history"

Prof. Noel Ignatiev, "If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live" and "the key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race."

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.” Of Hurricane Katrina, "Black people reside there [New Orleans]. Blacks will study the Torah? [God said] let’s bring a tsunami and drown them.”

Prof. Derrick Bell, "Abolish the White Race as a social group."

Tim Wise, "anti-racist" activist, "You're [White people] on the endangered list. And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won't be any more white people around."

Perhaps since the UN has a plan to replace "evil" white folks the motley collection of racists above have legal cover of some kind for their hatred. Replacement Migration:

But if it all comes back to bite some folks on the backside, I'll put it down to karma. Oh, here's some info on the genocidal Mr. Kalergi who the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and Baruchs were some enamored with -


Those people who placed this banner at ASU embarrass me. More importantly, they embarrass themselves.


What is that old saying?

"Truth is Hate Speech . . .for those that Hate The Truth"

A few observations from a local whose family has lived in these mountains since colonial times . . . and has produced many ASU graduates and post-graduates.

One, in true Cultural Marxist fashion, only one side of this argument is being allowed to be heard by both our (((local))) Watauga Democrat and the ASU Administration. Was any attempt made to contact "Identity Europa" for a comment? What is it that the Antifa domestic terrorists chant, "No Free Speech For Fascists!!!" and "No Platform for Fascists!!!" .. with "Fascists" being define as being anyone not on their side.

Two, no pictures of the actual sign in question are provided.


Three, true to jewish Supremacist, World Zionist, and Cultural Marxist (((Saul Alinsky's))) model of RULES FOR RADICALS:

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it - Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions."

. . . both ASU, The Watauga Democrat, and the jewish Supremacist 5th Column known as the "Southern Poverty Law Center" have all grabbed the "Moral High Ground" and branded this sign as "WHITE SUPREMACY" and a symbol of "HATE".

Four, rather than address what "Identity Evropa" is and why some ASU students would identify with this group, the Watauga Democrat, ASU and the (((SPLC))) all chose instead to use an "ad hominem" attack on one of the group's founding members, Mr. Nathan Damigo in order to "Poison The Well" against the entire group. Given the sordid history of the SPLC's Morris Dees and Mark Potok and their anti-White sister organization, (((The Anti-Defamation League))) that was founded to defend jewish child rapist and murderer Leo Frank who tried to pinned his crimes on a Black Man patsy . . . I hardly see where the SPLC has any moral right to pass judgment on anyone.

Five, Cultural Marxist Globalist Chancellor Sheri Everts states:
"Everts said the university is monitoring groups with a history of violence and their activity on or near campus"

Excuse me, but where in the US Constitution or the NC Constitution is a Public University given the authority to conduct "Surveillance" on the local community?

Six, given what we know about the 1922 Coudenhove-Kalergi for White Genocide via mass immigration and what we see happening in the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, The UK, Australia and New Zealand as a result of "Diversity" and "Multi-Culturalism" why would our (((local))) media and a publicly funded University in North Carolina be so iron-fisted about not allowing White European Descent voices of concern from our young "Best and Brightest" to be heard?

Given that almost ALL of our (((local))) media in the NC High Country is now owned by a member of the infamous Yale "Skull and Bones" secret society . .who's daddy made a radio career in the midwest convincing Americans in the 1930-40s that we should get involved in another war in Europe against Europeans that were standing up against the Marxist Bolshevik Red Terror and World Zionism . ..

. . .and all those "Progressive" changes (purges, re-staffing, Mandatory Diversity Programs) that Chancellor Sheri Everts has implemented since she took command

. .. the words of Upton Sinclair come to mind:

" It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" - Upton Sinclair

- bb9


We need school bus monitors to temper those children whose parents teach hate and hate speech!


If the banner said “A New Dawn is Breaking, Rise and Get Active, Identity Evropa,” I am wondering where the "white supremacism" or "hate" found on it. Oh, that's right. Facts are not supposed to matter when Feelings are stirred up by Soros money and the lapdog media.

We are back once again to the fact that every group is allowed to celebrate their race/culture, but white people are not. This is a sign of advanced Cultural Marxist decay.

Despite the best efforts of the media, the knee jerk responses of the school administration and the carefully under-informed students do not represent the opinion of the majority. I hope that readers will look up the history of Cultural Marxism and the Kalergi Plan. Another suggestion is for people to do some independent reading on all those topics the "white guilt" narrative is built upon. Much to learn.


Good for ASU, but the splc considers anyone to the right of stalin a hate group


Thank you, ASU, for your quick response. Having seen confederate flags on the back of pick-up trucks placed in an inflammatory manner, then driven through ASU campus and other public areas, we know hate surrounds us. Let us wipe it out with love and acceptance.



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