BOONE — A portion of N.C. 105 across from Comfort Suites in Boone was closed early Wednesday morning as officials worked to address a water line break and sinkhole along the edge of the highway.

The highway was blocked off between the intersection with Wilson Drive and Troy's Diner amid sub-freezing temperatures.

At approximately 4:50 a.m., both southbound lanes and one northbound lane of N.C. 105 were reopened after being closed for roughly five hours, according to Boone Police Sgt. Scott Mackler. All lanes reopened a little more than an hour later.

Water service in the area was shut off temporarily as officials worked to address the situation. The town later issued a 48-hour boil water advisory — that expired as of 11:30 a.m. Thursday — due to the 12-inch water main break, according Boone Public Works Director Rick Miller.

Just before midnight on Tuesday, the Watauga Communications Center tweeted that "There is an accident on 105 near Ross Chrysler. It involves a fire hydrant and freezing temps so use caution in the area."

Fifteen minutes later, the center tweeted, "The 105 / fire hydrant situation now involves 2 hydrants AND a sink hole. They will be closing 105 in the area of Comfort Suites."

At the scene, water could be seen spewing off of the northbound side of the road, and a section of sidewalk had collapsed along a guardrail. A tree was resting along the guardrail near the sinkhole.

Miller said the tree was cut down but did not affect any nearby power or gas lines.

Boone Police and Watauta County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene as well as town water and sewer and street staff.

According to Boone Police, it's currently unclear if a vehicle that struck a fire hydrant in the area was connected to the water line break.

Boone Police Lt. Bobby Creed said the single-vehicle accident occurred near Highland Avenue and no injuries were reported. He believed there were about 15 to 20 minutes between the wreck and the water line break. However, he said it would be hard to say if the accident was the cause of the water line break as there is no evidence to support the idea at this time.

Miller said neither or both the accident and the temperature being below 30 degrees could've caused the water line break. He said the department will probably never know the actual cause.

Miller has asked the N.C. Department of Transportation to look at the guardrail on the northbound side of the highway as well as help find a way to stabilize the bank below. Any repairs to the sidewalk will probably have to wait until warmer weather in the spring, Miller said.

Funds to repair any damages made to the area will come out of the town of Boone's Public Works budget, Miller said. If the project goes over budget — for example if DOT determines the road has been compromised and needs repaving — Miller said the department will have to seek a budget amendment from the Boone Town Council. 

It will be several weeks before Miller said he'll know of any cost estimates to make repairs. Water and sewer staff will be working to determine how much water was lost in the process.

"That’s money we lost that went down the creek," Miller said.

The town issued a 48-hour boil water advisory as periods of low to no pressure in the water system increases the potential for back siphonage and bacteria to be present in the water, according to Miller.

"We are advising all water consumers to boil all water used for human consumption —including drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation — or use bottled water," Miller said in a statement.

Several Boone businesses were impacted by the boil water advisory, forcing some restaurants to have limited services or to temporarily to close down. Goodnight Brothers Ham, Chick-Fil-A, Casa Rustica, Chipotle, Starbucks and other businesses closed their doors Wednesday and some Thursday due to the advisory.

Jennifer Greene, health director of AppHealthCare, said businesses were sent a message about the boil water advisory around 10 a.m. Wednesday via the CodeRed emergency management communication system.

The message was sent to more than 200 restaurants and lodging facilities and nearly 500 additional businesses — including healthcare providers, dentists, doctors and hospital contacts.

"I think it’s always challenging to get information out fast enough," Greene said. "I think the town did a good job of putting something out right away."

To sign up for CodeRED notifications, visit and click on the CodeRED logo to enroll contact information.

Contact Public Works at (828) 268-6900 or (828) 268-6999 for more information.

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So now the taxpayers have to fix the counties problems because they are too busy stuffing their own pockets why not take the money that's being used for the roundabouts that no one wants and use it to fix the water lines

VV Frank 69

Wow... another water line break. Surprise surprise Mr. Miller. Combine this one with the one in front of Dollar Tree a few weeks ago ( with water flowing through the Walmart parking lot ) and December may be a record setting month for water "usage." We will wait and see how the town's 2017 Local Water Supply Plan reflects these significant leaks and waste of finished water. Perhaps if the town had focused on replacing old and aging infrastructure in the water system as well as repairing the clear well leaks years ago, the citizens would not be on the hook for $42.7 M for an unnecessary water intake. Even with the intake, the aging infrastructure is still going to create problems like this and result in a significant waste of our water resources and more money by the citizens to fix... right Mr. Miller and Mr. Ward?

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