Kellersville Road wreck

Kellersville Road wreck

A 2000 Chevy pickup rests against trees after it overturned on June 24.

LAUREL CREEK — Speed is said to be a contributing factor in a single-vehicle wreck on June 24 that left a truck overturned off of a gravel road.

N.C. State Highway Patrol Trooper M.S. Drake said he received the call at 1:08 p.m. after a 2000 Chevy pickup truck had landed on its side in the 1000 block of Kellersville Road.

Daniel Lynn Hicks, 38, of Piney Flats, Tenn., was driving down Kellersville Road toward U.S. 321 when the vehicle started traveling a little fast. Hicks said he had panicked and hit both the gas and the brake pedal at the same time, according to Drake.

The truck veered off of the road to the right and landed on the passenger side off of a shallow embankment. The passenger in the vehicle did not sustain injuries; Hicks was transported to Watauga Medical Center for a minor injury and was later released, Drake said.

There was not a posted speed limit on the road, making the speed limit in the area 55. Drake said while Hicks was not speeding per se, he was reportedly traveling faster than what is considered safe on the gravel road.

Drake said that the truck would likely be totaled as a result of the damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. Hicks was cited with not having insurance on the vehicle, not wearing a seatbelt, exceeding a safe speed and failure to maintain lane control.

Beaver Dam Fire, Cove Creek Fire, Watauga Medics, the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office and the Watauga County Fire Marshal’s Office responded to the scene.

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No speed limit sign, use common sense it's a gravel road, very narrow 55mph would be a death wish on kellersvilles road.

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