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CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The new directors bring extensive automotive experience across multiple disciplines, both from the retail and vendor sides of the business.

TradePending CEO Brice Englert adds, "Ron and David are both familiar with the TradePending story and our passionate management team. Adding them as board members is a natural fit and a great milestone for our company."

Board Member Ron Frey is principal of RL Frey, Inc. where he is a business and transaction advisor, automotive strategist and investor. Mr. Frey's most recent previous roles are EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at CDK Global, leading their M&A, product strategy and global strategy and Chief Strategy Officer of AutoNation, America's largest automotive retailer. His philanthropy includes serving on the board of Make-A-Wish.

"TradePending is at one of the most exciting times in their company history," says Frey. "In seven years, they've become the authority on vehicle valuations, built and launched four successful products, and are poised for even greater growth. I'm pleased to join the team to be able to share my successes and lessons learned to help them continue their growth".

Board member and entrepreneur David Metter was the Founder of AutoHook, which was acquired by Urban Science in 2015. David's retail experience includes serving as the Chief Marketing Officer of MileOne Autogroup and Director of Sales at Autobase. He currently serves as a board member to SpinCar, and is a volunteer board member of Bearings Bike Works.

"I've known the TradePending team for years. I've always loved their approach to simplifying the automotive process for dealers and consumers alike, and loved following along from the sidelines," remarks Metter. "I'm thrilled to be actively involved now in the company's future."

Englert continues, "We know what Ron and David stand for, and they know our values. Now we get to work together to continue making automotive a better place. They'll serve as critical sounding boards for product improvement and development, as well as future areas for growth."

About TradePending

TradePending's mission is "simple automotive", bringing dealers and consumers together across North America. SNAP, the disruptive trade-in tool, brings transparency, elegant data visualizations, powerful mobile usability, and 300% more leads than competing solutions. The Buying Platform empowers dealers to customize their trade-in process to match their inventory sourcing strategy. Superlatives improves how dealers merchandise their inventory by using real-time market data to show what makes each vehicle valuable and unique in a dealer's local market. The TradePending API provides industry partners the ability to ingest our proprietary market data to power their own products and services.

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