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CORNELIUS, N.C., June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Affordable, fast, quality. Pick all three! Solar Operations Solutions, LLC (Solar-Ops) develops and deploys a customized, all-in-one monitoring and control platform tailored to ERTHOS' revolutionary ground-based PV solar system: accelerating project commissioning, supporting long term operations, and lowering cost for overall system deployment.

Working with ERTHOS' team, we established requirements and solutions using our myPV IQ™ Monitoring & Control platform.

ERTHOS® has dared to ask the question, "If the solar panels were free, how would you build a solar plant?" Then, they answered it with their revolutionary ground-based, racking-less, PV array mounting system. Lowering the total system cost to < $0.50/W, this disruptive price point is a market enabler for accelerated deployment of PV solar and energy storage at a scale not previously realized.

Working with ERTHOS during early-stage development through test and pilot project phases, Solar-Ops recognized that traditional monitoring and SCADA platforms posed financial and deployment challenges that were not aligned with ERTHOS' aggressive system construction and commissioning timelines and scalability opportunities.

Leveraging in-house capabilities to design and deliver tailored hardware and software solutions, Solar-Ops has provided a complete monitoring and control platform to meet ERTHOS' unique requirements.

"Laying the modules on the ground and integrating cleaning robots that are responsive to local soiling and environmental conditions required a fully-integrated platform for visibility and control that is unique to ERTHOS' value proposition and business model," said Brad Micallef, President of Solar-Ops. "Working with ERTHOS' team of experts, we were able to clearly establish both requirements and solutions using our myPV IQ Monitoring & Control platform. We packaged a feature-rich, but cost-effective solution to meet their needs."

The myPV IQ monitoring and control platform tailored for ERTHOS provides affordability and flexibility for deployment at <1MW up to multiple 100MW facilities. Solar-Ops' completely integrated solution for comprehensive monitoring and control includes software for cleaning robots and energy storage management, hardware for weather stations and interconnection, as well as APIs for third-party platform integration.

Solar Operations Solutions, LLC is an Operations & Maintenance provider in Cornelius, NC, with 3GW+ of project construction and management. Their myPV® brand for PV and PV+Storage facilities provides turnkey, professional-grade solutions built on experience. myPV® is a registered trademark of Solar Operations Solutions, LLC.

SOURCE Solar Operations Solutions, LLC

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