Boone Regal Theater

A sign on the side of the Boone Regal Theater stated the business was “temporarily closed” in April 2020. The company recently forecast that the Boone theatre will reopen May 14, 2021.

BOONE — Regal Cinemas recently announced movie theaters across the country will start to reopen in the coming weeks after being closed due to COVID-19.

The company lists the Boone Regal as reopening May 14, but states dates for individual theaters may shift depending on their unique circumstances.

“As we re-open our theaters, we remain committed to the safety of our patrons and employees,” the company stated in a release.

The Boone Regal has been closed for more than a year due to COVID-19.

As of April 16, conference centers, bars, sports arenas, movie theaters and other live performance venues in North Carolina will be allowed to have 50 percent capacity with safety protocols — like mask wearing and social distancing — in place.

Regal Cinemas stated multiple safety protocols will be enforced at its theaters. Employees will undergo daily health screenings including temperature checks where mandated. They will also be required to wear masks and wash their hands at a minimum of every 30 to 60 minutes depending on their job role.

Two seats will be kept empty between groups to main social distancing.

In the auditorium, guests are required to wear a face mask at all times while in the theater lobby and auditoriums, which includes face shields with masks or appropriate nose and mouth coverings. Masks can only be removed while eating and drinking.

The company states it will provide masks to guests who arrive without one. Employees will monitor auditoriums throughout each performance as a standard practice. Where socially unacceptable behavior is observed, including the non-wearing of a mask, the company stated it would be addressed with the patron.

Theaters will increase the fresh air intake by 50 to 100 percent above normal levels which will circular fresh air throughout the auditoriums.

“We kindly ask that any guest who has a fever or are experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms refrain from coming to our theaters,” the company stated. “If a guest has knowingly been in contact with any individuals that have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, we ask that you self quarantine and avoid the theatre until you are symptom free for 72 hours.”

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