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RALEIGH — A roundabout on U.S. 421 at the intersection with the Poplar Grove Connector was included in the final draft of the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Strategic Transportation Improvement Project that was released on Aug. 8.

The $1.5 million project includes right-of-way and utility work in the 2025 fiscal year with construction slated for 2026. Since it’s more than five years out from construction, that portion of the project is considered in the development phase.

The proposed $291.21 million Daniel Boone Parkway, which would aim to bypass Boone by going south around the town, was allotted to start right-of-way work in 2028 and 2029, with construction for beyond 2029.

A big change from the previous draft released in January is that a $20.54 million upgrading of Wilson Ridge Road and Bamboo Road is on schedule to start construction in 2021, paid for by Built for N.C. bond funding. A separate $8.1 million project, the alignment of the Deerfield Road and Meadowview Drive intersections with U.S. 321, which was previously not funded, will have right-of-way and utility work in 2028 and 2029 with construction to start after.

Deerfield Road will also have a $3.8 million upgrade under construction ongoing from 2022-2024.

A $2.1 million multi-use path from Grove Street to Brookshire Road, which the town of Boone is currently saving up for, has a scheduled 2025 construction date.

A $1.74 million bridge replacement on Hunting Hills Lane over the South Fork New River is set for construction in 2021.

The continued widening of N.C. 105 from Foscoe to Linville was designated for potential funding after 2029. The N.C. 105 widening from Foscoe to Boone, a roughly $44 million project that is already approved, is currently ongoing with bridge work set for 2020 and 2021 and widening construction from 2023-26.

The $1.7 million upgrading of the Deerfield Road and Bamboo Road intersection, which was previously not funded, will have right-of-way and utility work in 2028 and 2029 with construction to start after.

Previously, the widening of U.S. 421 from the Vilas junction with U.S. 321 to the Tennessee state line was temporarily allocated $4.4 million of the $100.6 million estimated to fund the project by the state, less than the $12 million allocated. Right-of-way is scheduled for 2029 with construction to start after 2029.

The prioritization of funding comes after data scores were compiled for over 2,100 projects across the state. The data determines if projects meet one of the three funding levels: statewide mobility, regional impact or division needs.

“More than 1,700 projects are included in the N.C. DOT’s final draft of its 2020-2029 Statewide 10-Year Transportation Plan,” the Aug. 8 statement from the N.C. DOT said. “The draft STIP includes projects across all transportation modes and in every county in the state.”

The N.C. Board of Transportation is expected to consider final approval of the draft plan at its September meeting.

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