BOONE — The Boone Police Department seized $72,000 worth of methamphetamine and arrested two individuals after an investigation led to a traffic stop on June 13.

According to Boone Police, the department has worked with the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of Homeland Security on an ongoing investigation into a significantly large source of methamphetamine in the western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee areas.

“Local law enforcement is always working to reduce the flow of methamphetamine in our area,” Boone Police stated. “Many times, information learned in seemingly unrelated investigations lead investigators to identify common connections and new sources of illegal drugs. This is the case in this situation. These agencies partnered together and used collective intelligence to make this investigation a success.”

As a result of the investigation, Boone Police conducted a traffic stop on June 13 on a vehicle suspected of trafficking a large amount of methamphetamine. Boone Police Lt. Chris Hatton said that Boone Police detectives had information that lead them to believe that Christy Jade Boone, 32, of 221 Joe Shoemaker Road, Vilas, and Cody Ryan Oaks, 30, of 286 Clay Hodges Road, Boone, were in possession of meth at the time of the stop.

During the traffic stop, Kyra — a narcotics detection canine — was used to locate any illegal drugs and alerted officers to controlled substances. Officers searched the vehicle and located more than 3.5 pounds of crystal methamphetamine as well as a small amount of Ecstasy.

Both Boone and Oaks were charged with felony trafficking methamphetamine by possession, felony trafficking methamphetamine by transportation and felony maintaining a vehicle to keep a controlled substance. They were both admitted into the Watauga County Detention Center under a $250,000 secured bonds and July 22 court dates.

“We see the damage meth causes individuals, families and our communities,” said Chief of Police Dana Crawford in a statement. “This is what makes our officers so willing to work the long hours it takes to make cases like this. This is a great example of the teamwork between agencies.”

Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman said that his office was pleased with the cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

“Unfortunately, meth is still the number one drug of choice in our county and our joint efforts with the Bonne Police Department and other law enforcement partners is making a vast improvement in the safety of our community,” Hagaman said in a statement.

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