BOONE — The Watauga County Board of Elections will seek public comment during a Tuesday, Nov. 19, meeting on a proposed split of the North Fork Precinct into pieces of two other precincts and moving the Cove Creek Election Day polling location.

Splitting the North Fork Precinct and merging the two parts into the Cove Creek and Meat Camp precincts has been an ongoing discussion since July.

The North Fork Precinct is the northernmost precinct in Watauga County, encompassing Elk Knob State Park and parts of Meat Camp Road and N.C. 88. The Election Day voting location is at Edgar Eller’s garage, located at 271 South Road, Todd. Edgar Eller is of no relation to current elections board member Eric Eller.

North Fork precinct elections worker Maryrose Carroll spoke to the board at its July 23 meeting in favor of a change, saying there are no public bathrooms at the site, no internet access, no cell coverage to communicate with the elections office and no refrigerators for workers who bring their meals for the long days.

According to the proposal, splitting the precinct would put the western half of the precinct with Cove Creek. Board Chair Jane Ann Hodges has previously said that residents in the western half of North Fork have to drive through Tennessee and other precincts to get to Edgar Eller’s garage.

A second change that is up for discussion on Nov. 19 would move the Cove Creek Precinct Election Day voting location to the Zionville Fire Station No. 2, located along U.S. 421, from the current location at the Western Watauga Community Center.

The meeting takes place at 5 p.m. on Nov. 19 in the first-floor courtroom at the Watauga County Courthouse, located at 842 W. King St.

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