Shadowline demolition

Demolition crews take down the old Shadowline plant building on Shadowline in Boone on Oct. 25, 2016.

BOONE – A Tennessee-based company is in the process of planning on building a $35.29 million mixed-use apartment complex for students on a 7.8-acre tract of land along Shadowline Drive — formerly home to a manufacturing plant.

Martin Ing, who is leading a recently formed company named Shadowline Student Property, is the listed owner of the property on the commercial building application. According to Watauga County tax records, Shadowline Partners LLC, headed up by Vernon Scarborough, is the current owners of the tract. Scarborough declined comment for this story when contacted and Ing said he would send a full statement at a later date.

The land is valued at $2.7 million, according to Watauga County’s tax office.

Ing, based in Murfreesboro, Tenn., filed a building permit application along with Chad Davenport of Southern Building Group, also of Murfreesboro, Tenn., dated June 17, to the town of Boone’s Planning and Inspections department. Davenport did not return a request for comment.

According to the application, Ing and Davenport are seeking to build a five-story, 275,209-square-foot mixed-use student apartment with 174 residential units containing 562 bedrooms, 345 car spaces, 84 bike parking spaces, an entry lobby, residential lobby and first-floor commercial space. The proposed building height would be 64-71 feet.

The permit had not been approved as of July 11, according to the town of Boone’s Planning and Inspections office.

The architect and engineers listed are both Kitchen and Associates of Collingswood, N.J. A representative said the organization does not comment on building projects without the owner’s permission. Bouton Engineering of Cookeville, Tenn., is listed as a structural engineer.

The 7.8-acre space has sat unused since October 2016, when crews tore down the vacant Shadowline plant that had stood since 1957. The plant previously housed a manufacturer of lingerie and undergarments.

The land has been the site of proposed developments in recent years. In 2013, Florida-based Cornerstone Campus Communities received water allocation and zoning approval for a 190-unit apartment and retail project at the site, which would include 457 bedrooms, a clubhouse and gym and 10,700 square feet of commercial retail space. However, the developer did not provide building plans to Boone’s Planning and Inspections department.

The property is currently zoned B3 – General Business and is not in the town’s corridor district that runs along Blowing Rock Road, N.C. 105 and U.S. 421.

Scarborough bought the tract in October 2006, saying in 2016 that he had planned to build a shopping center, but hit roadblocks during the economic recession.

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craig dudley

so who exactly will surprised as 'our' government keeps adding cars to the already crazy road situation. i don't go to town after eleven am if at all possible unless i've got an emergency and am prepared to sit at traffic lights thru several changes. 'our' government has repeatedly shown absolutely no interest in our well-being and only has shown interest in putting ten pounds in a five pound sack which the rest of us pay for.

Just what we don’t need. 🥴


Multiuse....I sure hope that these apartments will be for local folks who actually live and work here and NOT for the catered to ASU students. Boone council needs to wake up and allow Boone & Watauga County residents to come FIRST before ASU students !!


562 bedrooms, 345 car spaces, and 84 bike parking spaces. That means that at least 133 people will have nowhere to park. I predict that the shopping center across the street and other surrounding businesses will be overrun with students parking on their private property, which will force them to do what Walmart has recently started doing: Towing a lot of cars. The same thing will happen with the development soon to go up at W. King Street, Water Street and Howard Street. I don't understand why the Planning Board allows developers to build without providing adequate parking. It just compounds the already epidemic student parking problem.

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