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RALEIGH — The online driver license services available on the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles website moved into the myNCDMV section of the site, effective Sunday, Nov. 17. Drivers will now be able to renew their licenses through the application where vehicle owners now go to renew their registration and pay their property tax online.

Drivers will be able to skip traveling to a local license office by using the myNCDMV online service to renew their license, order a duplicate license or update their address. Unlike the current DMV online system where customers must complete transactions one by one, the myNCDMV platform allows customers to complete multiple transactions at once even if they vary between vehicle and driver services.

Like the vehicle services procedures, there will be a $3 transaction fee that the vendor, PayIt, collects to pay for its work to improve the DMV site and add services, such as the REAL ID Wizard and online renewal reminders. There is no upfront cost to the DMV for the work, as the company is paid through the transaction fee. The DMV does not collect or benefit from the transaction fee.

The full list of online transactions customers can complete on myNCDMV include:

  • Renew driver license (for every other renewal)
  • Renew vehicle registration
  • Pay limited registration taxes
  • Order duplicate registration/driver license
  • Update registration/driver license address
  • Order special/personalized plates

Customers can access myNCDMV through the DMV website, or by downloading the myNCDMV app on an iOS or Android device.

For more information including the list of online DMV services, visit

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