Asphalt plant

This is the Deep Gap site planned to be the future home of a Maymead asphalt plant.

DEEP GAP — Maymead Inc. will begin construction on its asphalt plant on U.S. 421 in Deep Gap immediately, said President Wiley Roark on Aug. 10.

The Division of Air Quality issued Maymead an air quality permit for the proposed asphalt plant in Deep Gap on Aug. 5, allowing them to begin operations.

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Not everyone sees the asphalt plant and water intake as being bad.

I like paved roads and I like having water to wash my hands when I eat out in Boone. Don't believe everything the tree huggers push down your throats as being the truth.

Mr Smith

I'm not a tree hugger. I have supported the Maymead asphalt plant from day one, only because they followed the letter of the law and did it right. The fact is, however, that the plant WILL harm the environment around it. I enjoy riding around on asphalt, so I have to give in order to get.

The intake, on the other hand, has been fraught with deceit from day one. Plus, the intake will also harm the river, despite what a few says, and the town DOES NOT need the water. The intake project is all about the money.


The case is being appealed. The legality of the permit will be determined in court later this year.

The county planner revoked the permit for lack of progress. The county hired a good lawyer who presented evidence that showed the county planner had the authority and the legal precedent to revoke the old permit for lack of progress. The BOA and the Republican commissioners overturned Watauga County and voted for Maymead. Voters will remember this.

Maymead is leasing the land. They never applied for a permit from Watauga County. They are using a permit issued years ago to someone else for land never developed as an asphalt plant. There are many issues for the court to explore.

The county for years hid the fact that they had zoned the 421 Scenic Byway for asphalt. That's terrible land use policy from the Republican commissioners - destructive to homeowners who bought after the zoning was approved by Joe Furman and the commissioners.

The idea that "we need asphalt" and therefore hundreds of families must live with a massive asphalt plant in their neighborhood is terrible land use policy - favoring an out-of-state company producing asphalt for an Ashe County site.

Mr Smith

Actually, the responsibility for this "asphalt plant" fiasco lies with the democratic commissioners who were the majority years ago. Can't blame this on the republicans THIS time. The democrats were in control when the "zoning (although, this isn't really zoning)" requirements were being created and signed into law.

Citizen Truth

So Roark is a liar? Everything about this plant has been shady.

Still can't understand why Watauga has to take the hit for a project that overwhelmingly benefits Ashe.

A concerned resident

It all smells.

Mr Smith

I still can't understand how THIS was approved and the New River Intake was ALSO approved. Boggles the everlovin' mind....

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