Mast Farm Inn new owners

Melody Pineda and Shay Frendt are the new owners of the historic Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis.

VALLE CRUCIS — The Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis recently announced the sale of the business to Melody Pineda and Shay Frendt.

The Deschamps Family has owned and operated The Mast Farm Inn since 2006. In that time, they have preserved the legacy of the Mast Family and created a modern reputation for elegance and service. The Deschamps devotion to family style service, historical preservation and local priorities meant they were looking for a similar-minded buyer, according to a press release.

Frendt is based in Wake Forest, and had a second home in Valle Crucis for several years. He has a background in software development, real estate and hotel investments. His passions for development, technology and nature fit well with Pineda’s passions for home, hospitality and local community. Pineda was raised in Watauga County and lives just minutes from The Mast Farm Inn. She is a small business owner and realtor in the High Country.

Between the two of them, they intend to carry on the legacy created by the Mast Family and enhanced by the Pressly, Hinshaw-Schoenfeldt and Deschamps families, according to the press release. Additionally, their partnership lends to a natural integration of the tourist industry and local community. They want to open the inn for community events, music in the fields and much more. The press release encouraged community members to stay tuned for announcements from the Mast Farm Inn.

Frendt and Pineda thanked the Deschamps for their trust, encouragement and support. This “dream come true” would not be possible without them, the press release stated.

The press release added that the entire Mast Farm Inn team — past, present and future — thanked the Valle Crucis community and their many guests who make this “magical destination” a reality.

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