Tylar Chase Watson

Tylar Chase Watson

DEEP GAP — A 26-year-old man was arrested and charged after injuring two Watauga County Sheriff’s Office deputies during an altercation on March 9.

Tylar Chase Watson, of 135 South Pine Run Road, Boone, was arrested and charged with drug violations, assault of an officer, felony malicious conduct by a prisoner, resisting arrest and damage to property.

According to a WCSO shift report, deputies responded to a call in reference to Watson being violent toward the initial caller. Watson had left the residence by the time deputies had arrived and was in the 200 block of Flowers Branch Road.

As the deputies were speaking with Watson, he became “irate” and came at deputies with a pipe, according to the shift report. WCSO Capt. Kelly Redmon said the pipe was metal and was three feet long and two and a half inches around.

Redmon said Watson was armed with the pipe and eventually dropped the item after officers gave commands to drop the pipe. He then fought with the officers while he was being taken into custody.

“The subject was subdued after a few minutes of a physical altercation,” according to the shift report. The shift report also states that the deputies were in a two-way radio dead spot and could not be heard calling for assistance.

Watauga Medics were called to the scene to assist the deputies and Watson with some injuries. Redmon said the deputies had knee injuries and scrapes from the incident. He also noted that Watson attempted to bite the officers.

Watson was treated for a laceration to his foot. Redmon said officers aren’t sure how the laceration happened but presume it occurred prior to the deputies’ arrival, as Watson was reportedly wearing only one boot when officers located him.

Watson was issued a $50,000 secured bond and an April 12 court date, according to the arrest report.

Sheriff Len Hagaman said WCSO deputies are encountering more people with weapons. Redmon clarified that this takes place in general, not just on calls. Redmon said weapons range from guns, knives and in this case, a metal pipe.

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