John Welch

Chairman John Welch led the board in a Aug. 16 Watauga County Board of Commissioners meeting.

WATAUGA — John Welch is no longer on the Watauga County Board of Commissioners after his resignation effective Sept. 15.

According to Watauga County Manager Deron Geouque, the board will discuss Welch’s resignation at the Sept. 20 meeting.

AG Stein files complaint against Commissioner John Welch
Judge orders AG to file action against Welch over eligibility
Welch voter challenge rejected 4-1 by board of elections
Welch to resign from Commissioners no later than Sept. 15, lawsuit filed

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"Greene continued in his statement and “urged” Watauga County voters to vote against “his type of anti-democratic behavior” and vote for “Republican commissioner candidates” in the 2022 General Election as “only then we can stop this nonsense."'

Because Republicans are well known to be defenders of democracy, and would never host autocrats like Viktor Orban at CPAC, rig the judiciary to obstruct and overturn the will of the people, attempt a violent coup, or come up with a fake elector scheme to change the results of a free and fair election...right?


No, never! Nor would they ever prattle on about the importance of state's rights, only to turn around and attempt to impose national ban on abortion. Nor would they rant about issues like "religious freedoms" whilst attempting to simultaneously impose their christo-facist beliefs on the rest of us. Nor would they celebrate the "loyalty" of naht-zee (because apparently the WD marks the correct spelling of a historic group as "profanity") generals to Hitler and wish that US Generals would show the same kind of loyalty...

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