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WCS teachers were honored on College GameDay Sept. 17 during Extra Yard for Teachers Week.

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BOONE — With Extra Yard for Teachers Week taking place between Sept. 16-24, it was the perfect opportunity to honor teachers at Watauga County Schools when ESPN’s College GameDay visited Boone.

Watauga High School chorus teacher Brandon Winbush and Green Valley School and Mabel School art teacher Ashley Tate each received a $1,000 Donors Choose grant to support their classroom activities and were also shown on College GameDay along with other local teachers.

Holding up checks

Watauga High School chorus teacher Brandon Winbush and Green Valley School and Mabel School art teacher Ashley Tate holding up their checks.

Making their way

WCS teachers make their way from Hole Lotta Doughnuts to College GameDay.

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Props to these teachers, truly. As a teacher, I love nothing more than to see fellow teachers getting the recognition they're sorely due. But good lord, this is also downright disgusting. Heaven forbid we actually pay teachers the salaries that they truly earn. Heaven forbid we give them the respect that they deserve, or the funds that they need to teach our future generations.

This all just feels like more bottom-of-the-barrel "you're a winner!" style "rewards." Worse that it's in conjunction with a program that loses *$25 MILLION* Every. Single. Year. AppState Athletics is nearly entirely funded off of the backs of students at App because they're 100% incapable of self-funding their economic failures, which by the way do nothing to further education. *Nothing.*

What kind of sick and diseased culture holds up entertainment above the very foundations of modern society (education)? Worse, what kind of society actually *celebrates* this kind of backwards system?! This is nothing to celebrate, it's an indictment of just how completely screwed up our entire society is: that teachers are forced to rely upon BS "awards" to help fund their day-to-day existence and their jobs.

Moss, have you completely sold your soul to your billionaire publishers? Because it sure as heck seems that way with the way you structure these kind of "news" stories... The fact that teachers must rely on the "kindness" of athletics programs and entertainment industries to meet their day-to-day needs is, quite literally, the mark of a society at the brink of collapse.

Bread and circuses, and many of y'all are cheering it on...It's disgusting, to say the least.

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