WATAUGA — The 2022 General Election saw 22,973 Watauga County residents vote for their candidates after all provisional and absentee ballots have been counted.

The turnout is a dip compared to the 2018 midterm primary when 24,339 residents voted — a difference of approximately 1.19%. 


Candidate Number of Votes Percentage
Todd Castle (R) 11,277 50.07%
Angela Laws King (D) 11,246 49.93%


Name Number of Votes Percentage
Braxton Eggers (R) 11,320 50.01%
Billy Kennedy (D) 11,314 49.99%


Name Number of Votes Percentage
Larry Turnbow (D) 11,148 50.68%
Melissa Goins Tausche (R) 10,851 49.32%


Name Number of Votes Percentage
Charles M. Haynes (R) 11,224 50.07%
Holly Fehl (D) 11,194 49.93%

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Timeout: The current POTUS didn't carry his own State the previous two elections while running for the same position until 2020. Also Foxx will help her constituents regardless of political party. This is unheard of in todays Washington DC. I know for a fact she helped a Democrat from Watauga County last month. So until you know the truth you may hold off on judging someone.


I judge her based on her atrocious voting record. I don't need someone's personal anecdote of "Well I know of this one-time when..." to have an educated opinion around her policies, it's all on the record:

- She voted against the PACT Act to expand healthcare benefits for veterans exposed to things like toxic burn pits while serving, yet she loves to prattle on about how much she "cares" about vets.

- She voted against expanding COVID-related free school meals for children (The Keep Kids Fed Act), which would have helped many kids and their families out in our community, especially given the hard economic times so many face right now.

- She voted against price-gouging legislation that would have helped prevent the massive increase in oil/gas prices that we see, which has led to all-time record profits for oil/gas companies, while we pay more and more at the pump.

- She voted against protecting marriage equality, spitting in the face of so many members of our community.

- She has consistently fought against student loan forgiveness and expanding public education spending, while failing to mention that her top two campaign donors come from student loan servicers and private, for-profit schools! This is the definition of corrupt.

- She voted in favor of hundreds of billions in PPP Loan forgiveness, but it's a "crime" (her word) to forgive $10k for someone who took out student loans? PPP loan forgiveness was DOUBLE the estimated cost for student loan forgiveness (and the student loan cost is over a THIRTY YEAR time frame!!)

- She has consistently voted in favor of tax cuts for the ultra wealthy, over $1.4 TRILLION in tax cuts for millionaire and billionaires, while working class folks get jack squat. Example: She voted against the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, an effort to deal with the financial hardships caused by COVID. But again, has no qualms handing out tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

- She opposed the Equality Act which would expand the Civil Rights Act by banning discrimination based on gender & sexual orientation.

- In 2009 she voted against hate crime legislation, arguing that Matthew Shepard's torture and murder was not a hate crime, because she's openly homophobic.

- She was one of only ELEVEN members of congress that voted against federal aid for Hurricane Katrina victims.

- She continues to peddle in 2020 election denial BS and objected to the electoral college certification for the election. She's a seditionist.

- She has voted against marijuana legalization, yet has continued to buy stocks in cannabis companies, turning a personal profit on sales made in those states that have legalized!

- She voted against legislation on protecting price-gouging of insulin!! Insulin, a life-saving medicine, ffs.

- She introduced legislation "Preserving Employee Wellness Program Act" in which she sought to eliminate genetic privacy legislation under the "Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act" which would make it legal for companies to force employees to undergo genetic testing and screening, or face tens of thousands of dollars in fines. It would make private employee health and genetic records open for employers to scrutinize.

- She believes that ten-year old rape victims should be *forced* to carry the child, and that even in cases of incest, rape, or threat to the health of the mother, abortion should be outlawed. Would you be OK with that were it your daughter? Your wife?

Good lord, need I go on?

Would you seriously call all of this "helping" her constituents? I think you need to do some more research to learn the real truth about this monster that you're defending.


Foxx consistently loses in Watauga. Maybe she ought to take the hint that she's not wanted, nor welcome here. She's an embarrassment to our entire community, and a pox on this country. A hateful, bigoted, ignorant grifter.

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