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BOONE — The Boone Town Council recognized Lee Collette, president of Nightline, Inc., at its Jan. 12 meeting for donating nearly $22,000 worth of equipment to benefit Boone Fire and Boone Police.

The donated equipment includes one set of night vision goggles and six units of infrared equipment. Boone Police Chief Andy LeBeau said the equipment has many uses, including searching for missing people.

“Searching for individuals in the in the mountains after dark always proves challenging and potentially could be dangerous in a law enforcement or tactical situation,” LeBeau said. “We just wanted to thank (Collette) for his generosity, for providing equipment that could potentially help us serve our citizens better and also to protect the lives of first responders.”

Boone Police captain of support services Daniel Duckworth also echoed LeBeau’s sentiment.

“In addition to this equipment, he’s always provided us facilities for our training over in Johnson County — it’s an indoor training facility, which we use probably once or twice a year,” Duckworth said. “He’s always accommodating to allow us to get in there to train. I would just like to personally just thank him. Lee, thank you. We appreciate your friendship, and we appreciate your partnership and it means a lot to us in this community and we just can’t thank you enough.”

Collette, who also attended the virtual meeting, said he appreciated the recognition.

“I just want to stress that whatever’s needed by them to support them, I think it’s our duty as members of the county, the town, the businesses to support them, and give them whatever it is they need as first responders because it’s a small price and a small token compared to what they put on the line every day,” Collette said.

More about Nightline, Inc. can be found at

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