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BOONE — A Boone Town Council candidate has ended his campaign citing that it has increasingly pulled him away from what matters most — family.

Adrian Tait (Unaffiliated) announced Sept. 21 that he came to realize that campaigning was a near full-time endeavor that was pulling him away from his family.

“Our son is a freshman at Watauga High School, and I am faced with choosing between time spent with him and my wife, and time spent in service to our town,” Tait said in a statement. “These next four years of high school will go by quickly, and I cannot miss the opportunity to make the most of these years. Therefore, I am choosing to end my campaign for Boone Town Council. I had truly hoped to be able to do it all, and I do not like turning down an opportunity to help shape the future of Boone, but this is the right choice for Rowan, Heidi and I at this time.”

In the statement, which he sent out to close friends and supporters, he thanked those that gave him encouragement, advice and support over the last few months.

“It has been amazing to have so many people willing to help elect strong thoughtful leadership in Boone,” Tait said. “Many of you have lent wisdom, expertise and creative super powers to the effort. I appreciate it more than I can say.”

Tait also said that he has an increased level of respect for the current and past elected leaders.

“Campaigning is not an easy task, and nor is dealing with the issues we face today,” Tait said. “I wish fellow candidates the best of luck in the campaign and what comes after.”

For the Town of Boone Town Council, Dalton George (Democrat), Virginia Roseman (Democrat), Todd Carter (Democrat), Benjamin Ray (Republican) and Eric Woolridge (Unaffiliated) have filed to run. Four others — Edie Tugman (Democrat), Eric Brown (Unaffiliated), Christy Cook (Unaffiliated) and Rebecca Nenow (Unaffiliated) — are running for the unexpired seats on the town council.

Early voting starts on Oct. 14 and continues through Oct. 30. Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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