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BOONE — The town of Boone Public Works Department announced Jan. 13 that the boil water advisory notice issued Jan. 12 has been lifted. Ricky L Miller Water Plant staff have completed the required testing throughout the water system and did not discover any safety concerns. It has now been verified that Boone's water system is safe and no longer needs to be boiled.

As a reminder, the boil advisory notice was for precautionary purposes only due a water main break which created a pressure loss in the water system. Water Department staff repaired the leak late yesterday evening and conducted further testing procedures throughout this morning.

Citizens can now use town water for any and all purposes. Water Customers may still experience some “banging” in the pipes or notice the water appears cloudy. This is due to air that entered the pipes and is no cause for alarm. What you see are actually many tiny air bubbles and this discoloration should clear up after the water runs for a few minutes.

"We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced and assure you this Boil Advisory is unavoidable and required by North Carolina state law," the public works department stated in a release. "We appreciate your understanding, and cooperation to this matter. Please feel free to contact us at (828) 268-6250 or (828) 268-6999 should you have any further questions, or require any assistance."

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May be some banging in the pipes? I live close to earthfare and my water is cloudy, grey and full of, idk, silt? COVID? Sea monkeys? I don’t trust these results at all so I guess I’ll have to pay to get an independent test done. I swear this town is coming apart. Failing infrastructure, overcrowding, almost half of its population won’t get vaccinated, polluted creeks, road rage, traffic, constant internet outages, etc etc. What happened here?

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