Some 12-15 Blowing Rock residents and family members were in front of town hall on the morning of Sept. 10, showing their support for town employees who are not yet vaccinated and threatened with termination by Sept. 7’s new mandate passed 3-2 by the board of commissioners.

BLOWING ROCK — While it wasn’t anything like the march on Montgomery or the massive demonstrations at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, it may have been Blowing Rock’s best version of grassroots democracy. Although promoted the day before as a protest in efforts to rally participants, it morphed into more of a lovefest celebrating the town’s employees on the morning of Sept. 10.

At 7:35 a.m., roughly a dozen “protesters” were in front of Blowing Rock Town Hall, called to action in support of the town employees who have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccination. On Sept. 7 the board of commissioners voted 3-2 to give the unvaccinated three choices: (1) Get vaccinated; (2) If not vaccinated, then submit to weekly COVID-19 testing; or (3) be terminated from employment by the Town of Blowing Rock.

Although the gathering was in response to the Sept. 7 vote, there was nothing in the way of acrimonious messaging in the signs carried by the protesters. Instead, the messages said, “Public Works Rocks,” “We love police” and similar positive expressions.

Commissioner Virginia Powell, who immediately gave notice of her resignation from the board when the vote was taken on Sept. 7 and the motion passed, was front and center during the protest, along with family members. Powell’s resignation, she said upon giving notice, was to be effective on Sept. 10, when the new policy was slated to go into effect.

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Wait, let me see if I have this right. You're really equating 12 people protesting a vaccination requirement to the protests against racism and the Vietnam war? It's "Blowing Rock’s best version of grassroots democracy"? Guess who's not renewing their subscription as I will not support this idiocy.

The workers of Blowing Rock have a simple choice. Take the FDA approved vaccine, get weekly tests, or work someplace else. They serve the people and public safety is part of the job. I have an expectation that the building inspector I just let into my house isn't spreading a dangerous virus that's already killed hundreds of thousands of americans. That's really not an unreasonable ask. I'm sure they can find some other employer willing take them once they explain why they were fired.

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