Town of Blowing Rock

BLOWING ROCK — The Blowing Rock Town Council announced on June 22 that it will hold a special town council meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24, to discuss COVID-19-related issues.

According to a release detailing the meeting, discussions will include “possible restrictions and requirements for face coverings to be worn within the town of Blowing Rock.”

While the meeting will take place at Town Hall in Blowing Rock, due to COVID-19, public access to the building is restricted. Community members can access the meeting live through the town’s website at

Residents who would like to submit a comment to be read during the meeting should email or drop a physical copy off at Town Hall, located at 1036 Main St. in Blowing Rock, either in its utility drop box or inside.

Public comments to be read during the meeting are due no later than 4 p.m. on June 24.

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(2) comments

Terry Gentry

Here's the deal. If Boone and BR want to make you wear a mask, the solution is simple. Take your shopping to West Jefferson, N. Wilkesboro or Lenoir. They are all not far away.


Or, and hear me out, you could be a conscientious human being and do something as simple as put a piece of fabric over your face for the 30 minutes you might spend in the grocery store. If you're capable and willing to wear and shirt and shoes in public as an act of common courtesy, what is so problematic about a mask?

It's a sad day when someone is unwilling to help support their local businesses and neighbors solely because their ego is so heavily inflated that being told to wear a mask during a global pandemic is somehow "oppression."

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