Starbucks Rendering

A rendering of the new Starbucks that will be located at 116 W. King St. that was including in the site plan.

BOONE — An application and site plan have been submitted for a second standalone Starbucks in the downtown Boone area. 

According to the commercial/multi-family permit application, the new Starbucks location would be at 116 W. King St., which is near Earth Fare and next to the Kicks On King shoe store.

The proposed building would be 2,200 square-feet and take up 0.80 acres. The Starbucks would have parking lot and a drive-thru. The building currently located at 116 W. King St. is 3,600 square-feet, according to the application.

The application lists the project as "new construction, additions (including any change of use with additions,) accessory structure."

The engineer listed on the site plan is Justin Church from Blue Ridge Environmental Consultations, PA and the architect listed is Bill Dixon from Appalachian Architecture.

The listed applicant on the form was Tommy Sofield of Sofield Children’s Limited Partnership. Sofield could not be reached for comment as of publication.

No project manager was listed on the application.

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Capitalism. The landowner has the right to put whatever business falls within zoning,etc. That being said, I’m really concerned about the traffic backing up on King Street as it does on 321 location. Also the downtown neighborhood traffic will likely be negatively impacted.


Another disgusting eyesore approved by the local political mafia liberal hacks. More traffic delays on King Street. This approval will contribute to further deterioration of what's left of a small town charm. They need to put a halt to local apartment residential construction on the hills surrounding the university.


As much as I might deride the local council for poor decisions (the over-development of which you speak is spot on), I'm not sure what this has to do with them being "liberal hacks." I mean, Sofield is a republican, do you not think he'd invest in the same kind of garbage were there republicans in charge of the council?


No, I think their position is the "liberal hacks" are responsible because they keep letting Republicans get away with these projects that are ultimately horrible (cough, The Cottages, cough, The Standard, etc.). So yeah, it's all the fault of liberals. 'Cause everything is.


The Cottages was actually approved by the County Commission which was heavily Republican at the time. It may be called The Cottages of BOONE, but it's technically outside of town limits (thanks to the ETJ being scrapped).


This definitely has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. Due to laws protecting private enterprise, Boards have little say in what a private landowner does to their property as long as it follows the letter of the law, such as zoning, easements, etc.


Just what we need in Boone, more corporate garbage.

Go out and support one of our many local coffee shops, where you'll not only keep money in our community and support your neighbors, but you'll get a heck of a lot better coffee: Local Lion, Bald Guy, Espresso News, just to name a few!

I agree! As a former owner of a local coffee shop in South Carolina, I can tell you the coffee AND the vibe are better in local shops. Beans are roasted locally, are much fresher. I love our local shops and will always support them.

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